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"Tomorrow's cult artist today. Berrryhill is as unconventional and inspired as any rock performer in America."
- Peter Doggett, Record Collector

Singer/songwriter Cindy Lee Berryhill's and cellist Renata Bratt have been collaborating with percussionist Randy Hoffman (Harry Partch Ensemble) since the mid 90s. Reuniting in 2011 after a 12 year hiatus, their music features the voice, cello, guitar and glockenspiel with haunting tales of aliens, lost love, brain injured soldiers, and love renewed. Look for old favorites (from Berryhill's six albums) and some brand new songs.

Berryhill's album Garage Orchestra (1994), which received a four star review in Rolling Stone, will be re-issued in fall of 2011.

4 **** STARS
"Squealing and swooping, Cindy Lee Berryhill's voice is a natural gas. Even more wondrous is the San Diego guitarist's arranging. To songs whose raw, free ecstasies recall Patti Smith, Berryhill adds strings-and-timpani flourishes that echo Brian Wilson. Eccentric tunes whose charm exerts fresh fascination and an odd, gripping luminosity."
- Paul Evans, Rolling Stone, 1994

"A woman of Cindy Lee's capacity as a lyricist is unique, her insight and raw ability to articulate the human dilemma and articulate it in short order is peerless. She deserves a berth in any Hall of Fame, for the humanities she brings to the usual vanities of song-writing. Somehow I get the impression she knows her legacy will outlive her."
- Van Dyke Parks, Fairfield Patch, 2010

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"She deserves a berth in any Hall of Fame, for the humanities she brings to the usual vanities of song-writing." - Van Dyke Parks

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